Welcome! ARSENAL 1.08 on MAC

What To Expect Next In Arsenal 1.08 version?

1. New Maps

  • Industry 1.0
  • Industry 2.0
  • Depot (new map 1.08)
  • Laboratory
  • Mars
  • Facility (new map 1.08)

1. Ingame Shop

2. Referral System

3. Team Death Match tournaments

4. Spectator Mode

5. Ban System

6. Fixed Wallet Per User

7. Respawn Protection

8. Plasma Gun and many others

9. Voice chat

10. Lean

About Arsenal

About Fabwelt

  1. Join the Fabwelt Discord, where you can meet and engage with Welties in the community.
  2. Come and play Arsenal with the community.
  3. DM us — our team is eager to help your ideas and initiatives come to life.



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