Unveiling Fabwelt’s Mini Game Tournaments: An Epic Gaming Adventure!

3 min readNov 21, 2023


Hey gamers! Get ready for an immersive gaming experience like never before. We’re thrilled to share some details about our upcoming Mini Game tournaments, designed to delight and reward our users. Let’s find out what’s in store for you.

What’s Cooking?

We’ve organized three Mini Game tournaments, each offering, $WELT, NFTs, and Free Loot Boxes. For those who collect all three Loot Boxes, there’s a special Entree NFT awaiting you. These NFTs hold immense value as they grant access to our Big Tournament, Arsenal 2.0. Upon opening the Loot Boxes, you’ll receive in-game items important for the Major Tournament.

To begin with the first mini-game, we will have WELT and Arsenal 2.0 season tickets.

Tournament Lineup and Preparation

To set the stage for the major tournament, the three mini-tournaments will be showcasing different games each. Our team will be creating high-quality content and designing posters and promotional materials for these tournaments. Expect a gaming experience that not only entertains but also gives you a higher edge to dominate in the upcoming main tournament.

Interactive Engagement Platforms

In our quest to nurture an engaging community, we’ve established dedicated Telegram and Discord groups with knowledgeable Admins to guide and assist you throughout the tournaments.

Moreover, we’re introducing a Telegram Bot for the game, aiming for viral engagement. Play, share, and join the Tournament Group using this bot to earn points on the Influence Table. The more you share, the higher you climb!

Eligible to Claim Multiple Loot Boxes

Here’s where it gets interesting. Everyone playing the game gets automatically whitelisted to claim a Loot Box. The best part? No limits on the number of Loot Boxes each wallet can claim. No need to game the system all you need is to showcase your strategy and skill to secure your spot on the influence leaderboard.

Loot Boxes will be Accessible on the Fabwelt Website (claim page)

(link will be updated during the 2nd mini-game)

Community Engagement and Timeline

To expand our footprint across Web3 community platforms, we’re launching a 10–14-day campaign for each tournament. You are encouraged h to join, amplify our social presence, and invite friends to earn points. These points can potentially secure you a spot on our prestigious Top Influencer leaderboard. Plus, don’t miss out on the engaging quizzes and free giveaways — exclusively for our community!

Tournament Schedule and Lucrative Prizes

Save the dates! Here’s a breakdown of our tournament schedule:

- Tournament 1: November 21st — December 4th

- Tournament 2: TBD

- Tournament 3: TBD

- The Big Tournament: February 2024

Anticipate huge prize pools for each of the initial three tournaments, with the grand Big Tournament boasting an even more lucrative reward!

Building Momentum for the Big Showdown

Our aim with these Mini Game tournaments is to foster an exciting atmosphere in preparation for the Big Tournament. After the conclusion of each tournament, we’ll have a five-day window to validate and distribute winnings before introducing the next challenge. Stay tuned for continuous updates, and make sure you’re on board for the upcoming tournaments!

Happy gaming!




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