Introducing Game Prediction Into Fabwelt Ecosystem With EFUN

EFUN & Prediction Ecosystem

  1. Digital Sports NFTs
    EFUN offers digital souvenirs and trade cards of favorite athletes from any sport. NFTs, bring them on-chain so that eager fans may buy physically and keep them.
  2. Sport Store
    One can follow favorite clubs and professional players to receive unique offers on auctions and branded crypto-friendly e-commerce listings for tickets, clothes, and souvenirs.
  3. Farming and Staking
    While serving as the native token for Eurogames prediction, EFUN token also provides significant APY staking and farming packages, allowing users who have benefited from the price increase.
  4. Lottery
    Each prediction made in EFUN removes a fraction of the total amount put, which is transformed into EFUN cash and contributed to a lottery bank. The more predictions that occur, the more EFUN there is in the bank. All participants who made predictions in that game will have a chance to win that prize.

What’s In It For Fabwelt?

  1. By partnering up with EFUN, FABWELT will be integrating EFUN decentralized prediction protocols into their platform.
  2. In addition to all other fascinating use cases on their platform, users will enjoy the new sponsored events with the concept “predict to earn” feature
  3. Fabwelt will gain access to 50k + community members of EFUN
  4. Fabwelt holders will enjoy free EFUN tokens just by playing the games on EFUN platform
  5. Fabwelt community will have a brand new place to use the $WELT token

About EFUN

About Fabwelt



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