Fabwelt X Style Protocol

2 min readAug 9, 2022


Fabwelt is thrilled to announce its newest partner Style Protocol — An open protocol to license NFTs and virtual assets to players in any metaverse. Style Protocol believes in the vision of true interoperability of virtual assets.

The partnership will aid Fabwelt to provide cross-metaverse interoperability for their gamer community and is another step toward metaverse freedom of movement!. The collaboration will help in the increase of player base as Style protocol will provide more interoperability and connectivity of Fabwelt with all other metaverses. With the partnership, Fabwelt can have royalty and additional revenue stream for their own environment.

About STYLE Protocol

Style Protocol allows designers, brands, and any other creator access to the ecosystem so they can enter virtual reality with their works. Additionally, they allow NFTs to be used for lending and sub-licensing to provide gamers from all over the universe with a plentiful supply of 3D assets.

They envision a Web 3.0 that is entirely decentralised. An open and accessible infrastructure that allows users to access a large range of virtual items from around the world to wear and use in various metaverses and video games. The goal is for people to be able to personalize their avatars to the fullest desired extent.

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About Fabwelt

Fabwelt is a ground-breaking concept that integrates blockchain technology into the heart of high-quality games of all types and genres. With in-game NFTs, Play to Earn, and Defi, we create a high-end gaming ecosystem and enhance the fun. A multi-genre gaming ecosystem that includes genres such as 3D First Person Shooter, Action-Adventure, Simulation, Strategy, Fantasy, and many others. In-game NFTs as assets, collectibles, and strategic utilities resurrect the fun of Blockchain gaming.

We incorporate all of our games into a never-before-seen digital reality. This is referred to as the Gamingverse. We provide the technology to have never-ending fun with features like Universal NFTs, digital cross-game identification, and multi-tiered tournaments, which are powered by gamers.

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Fabwelt is a a revolutionary concept that brings blockchain technology into the core of high-quality games of all types or genres. https://www.fabwelt.com/