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Fabwelt is a community-driven platform. The early community members decided the name itself “FABWELT”.

We gave them the power to the community to provide Fabwelt a base. All the major decisions are taken by polling them and we build Fabwelt around them. After all, a community majority cannot be wrong. Due to this, the future use cases of Fabwelt will also be governed by the users. Users will decide many factors which will take Fabwelt to new heights.

As mentioned earlier, the history of Fabwelt! We believe in a noble cause. It gives us enough motivation to achieve our targets. A team that supports the same cause and a vision to make it happen.

Fabwelt will be an ecosystem of innovation never seen before. It comes from a long experience, which the team was working in the background for years to perfect the execution of it to the world. Fabwelt will provide a revolutionary experience to the users in terms of Art, Design, and Gaming. In this article, we talk about our Art and Design related use cases.

What is an NFT?

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a unit of data stored on a digital ledger, called a blockchain, that certifies a digital asset to be unique and therefore not interchangeable. NFTs can be used to represent items such as photos, videos, audio, and other types of digital files. Access to any copy of the original file, however, is not restricted to the buyer of the NFT. While copies of these digital items are available for anyone to obtain, NFTs are tracked on blockchains to provide the owner with proof of ownership that is separate from copyright. (Wikipedia)

Plenty of NFT projects are popping up on the internet, Fabwelt is one of them too. Being said this, Fabwelt is unique. We aim to be not only of high caliber but we choose our artists very selectively to match our vision, standards, and ideology. A majority of unnoticed talent gets away every day every year and we as humans did not get a true chance to expose it. We feel this talent needs to be appreciated big. Fabwelt is joining hands with many to educate and spread awareness about royalty to artists across the globe, maybe even Mars if it demands.

Also, our artists will design gifts and surprises, which will be given out to the winners and admirers of our gaming platform. We support each other in our ecosystem too. Many hands joining and legs walking together.

To appreciate the creation more, we design our smart contracts in a way where the creator will not lose the value of creation. Doesn't matter how many sales and resells happen, a lifetime commission is guaranteed. In the next article, we talk about our gaming platform. How our ecosystem functions as a whole and how are we going to create a whole new world of FANTASY in real life.

The Fabwelt bounty campaign is already live! Please do participate and avail your free tokens with simple tasks over social media platforms. There are 20 Million tokens for the campaign. You invest no money, only your time. In return, you get valuable information and of course appreciation in form of FWLT tokens.

Useful links:

Official website: https://www.fabwelt.com

Official Telegram: https://t.me/FabweltToken

Bounty campaign: https://lnkd.in/gtmgtbn

FABWELT is grateful to you all.




Fabwelt is a a revolutionary concept that brings blockchain technology into the core of high-quality games of all types or genres. https://www.fabwelt.com/