FabweltToken Public Sale — FWLT

Guide to bridge to Polygon (Matic) mainnet tokens, add Polygon Network to Metamask, and buy Fabwelt Public Sale

Step 1

I already have MATIC in my Ethereum wallet

I don’t have MATIC in my Ethereum wallet

Once you have bought your MATIC tokens you can begin bridging them over to Polygon.
Proceed to step 2.

NOTE: You can also buy MATIC directly on the Polygon Network. In this case, you can bridge other coins first. USDT is the most preferred bridge shown in step 2. After bridging you can proceed to step 3 and after step 3 swap your USDT for MATIC on Quickswap: https://quickswap.exchange/#/swap

I already have a wallet with MATIC on the Polygon Network and the Polygon network already to Metamask (or any other wallet that supports Polygon mainnet).

Step 2

2. Connect your wallet

Once your wallet is connected, any Ethereum based coin in your wallet can be used to convert to Polygon mainnet tokens. Click “move funds from Ethereum to Polygon” as shown in the above picture. If you hold Polygon (MATIC) tokens already, this method can be used to do the bridge. Additionally, if you do not hold any Ethereum based (ERC-20) tokens, USDT is most preferred to buy and bridge to Polygon (Matic) mainnet token. The first you bridge to Polygon you will receive 0.001 MATIC automatically to pay for fees for swapping or buying on Public Sale. It's enough for dozens of transactions.

Step 3

With the Quickswap Exchange, this can be done very easily.

1. Click the link: https://quickswap.exchange/#/swap

2. Click the button on the left top “Switch to Matic”:

3. Your Metamask will ask you to Approve to add a Network:

4. Metamask will now ask to switch Network:

You have no successfully added Polygon Network to your Metamask wallet. You will find your funds in Metamask if you have bridged them in step 2.
Proceed to step 4.

Step 4

Below is the link to the launchpad to buy FWLT tokens:

Connect your personalized wallet (example: metamask): Use your Polygon (MATIC) mainnet tokens to buy FabweltToken (FWLT).

Useful links:

Official website: https://www.fabwelt.com

Official Telegram: https://t.me/FabweltToken

Bounty campaign: https://lnkd.in/gtmgtbn

Thank you for participating.

FABWELT is grateful to you all.

Fabwelt is a a revolutionary concept that brings blockchain technology into the core of high-quality games of all types or genres.