Fabwelt And X-Metaverse Announces Partnership

  1. Galaxy exploration (PvE): Players must seek out undiscovered galaxies, conquer planets, fight enemies, gather resources, and upgrade their fleet.
  2. Ranking Tournament (PvP): In PvP mode, players compete against other players by using their battleship and pilot skill cards to destroy powerful opponents using a variety of strategic combinations. The higher a player ranks at the end of the season, the more Token awards they will receive in the Ranking Tournament.
  3. Star Alliance war: Players in the X-Metaverse can form alliances to aid one another in the Star Alliance war and compete for rewards.
  4. Space Jump: It is a racing competition in which players must sign up to participate. Each round will have ten participants, with the first three players to cross the finish line receiving corresponding token awards.
  5. Mining Town: It is a secure and convenient investment vehicle, users who stake their battleship NFT and XMETA LP will receive tokens for their effort. The mining time will be determined by the rarity of the battleship and the amount of LP provided.

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