The founding of Fabwelt happened due to a rug pull by a blockchain-based project. Many users including the founders and team of Fabwelt suffered big losses as a result of consequences incurred. In support of those heartbroken souls and gain back their trust in the crypto world, few took a step forward to offer them a fair choice in reviving their emotions and bank balances. A strong community was built along with trust and drive to achieve great success. Moreover, a statement was made to show the world, crypto never loses value and interest in the remarkable revolution already taking place.

What is Fabwelt?

Fabwelt Token is a revolutionary concept that brings the world of NFTs and future gaming together. It elevates the existing art and gaming performance by exposing it to every corner of the world. Quality recognizes quality in every possible way. Fabwelt focuses on creating an NFT platform and marketplace for anyone and be anywhere where the Internet reaches the users. In this way, the struggle of recognition for human work is solved. One-click, the creators and admirers meet at the same point exchanging ideas and innovation which could be unimaginable. In the NFT part, Fabwelt focuses and gives a chance to everyone who has or wants to have the capability to demonstrate their talents.

Gaming is a big growth industry in this period. It is expected to grow with diverse opportunities for a user wanting it. The blockchain industry provides a breathtaking platform for all the gamers which is fruitful to many of them in terms of incentives and rewards. Fabwelt introduces fantasy gaming as the utility for the FWLT token. It eliminates the limitation of fantasy gaming admirers by bringing all of them together in one place. Currently, Fantasy sports are limited to offline or online applications, which can be sometimes boring and less encouraging. The gaming idea motivates all the fantasy players by rewarding the winners and allowing them to participate in designing their own game rules. Freedom is immense and opportunities are never-ending. An ecosystem that covers almost all the sports fantasy existing, giving the players a chance to interact with each other over the gaming portals and rooms. Fabwelt makes gaming enjoyable as it is fun to perform and would be life-changing for many users in many ways.

Fabwelt is about innovation, it integrates the world of NFTs with the Gaming industry. Gamers and Artists are now one unit, exchanging digital entities with the help of FWLT tokens. The idea is to combine the advantages of blockchain technology and reach it to millions waiting for an opportunity.

Use case and Future

Staking and Rewards

Fabwelt takes care of the users by incentivizing them in an optimized way, which cannot be compared to any traditional bank or financial institution. It is created to benefit the token holders with maximum possible gains. Fabwelt is just nothing without them. To provide the incentives to our trusted holders we create a staking mechanism that will provide the users’ gifts or rewards in the form of FWLT tokens. Imagine, a currency in your wallet increasing in numbers just with time, only by providing Fabwelt your tokens in the form of staking. Holders are still the owners of the tokens while Fabwelt uses them to let them perform in the background. Also, with the developing community, the power and value of the FWLT token increases in the future. There are two benefits of staking:

· FWLT tokens as rewards

· Improved value of individual FWLT token

Such a model with clear transparency makes it justifiable for the users to build a long-term relationship with FABWELT which is the primary fuel for it to grow and keep developing products.

Game commodities as NFTs

Fabwelt is a community-oriented platform that produces limited edition unique authenticated NFTs and trading cards created by quality artists. Built on the Polygon (previously MATIC) Network, it aims to develop the largest NFT library, reward its creators and raise funds for community or any kind of charitable help needed. It’s a win-win situation in which everyone benefits, from NFT creators to collectors.

An opportunity for all who hide as unrecognized artists. Graffiti goes digital, reviving inspiration and much appreciation for rare art.

A marketplace for the exchange of information and art will be a highlight of FABWELT ideology. It will also create a bridge between the artists and gamers explained in the below section.


The game-changing idea was incubated with the experience of participating in private and public platforms conducting fantasy gaming. Over the years, it was noticed that it can be much more entertaining with satisfactory yields in the way of rewards. Currently, fantasy league is limited to few users and almost absolutely no contact among fantasy players around the world, which makes it sometimes boring and users losing interest in participation. Fabwelt wants to bring the players together with live chats where players can joke, discuss, and troll. It will create a very healthy ecosystem that can eliminate many factors in one’s life such as stress, lack of information in sports, financial losses, and many more to explore. Players can create online rooms while participating as anonymous players or even a group of friends, family and colleagues join to enhancing fun and pleasure. Rewards will be distributed to each room winner in the form of tokens or NFTs. Daily rewards will be distributed depending on the type of sport and jackpots for the league winners. It gives Fabwelt the chance to provide users their freedom in all forms of deciding the rules and regulations. Also, many factors which even Fabwelt cannot think of.

Blockchain technology is the foundation of modern cryptocurrencies. The rising awareness and need for decentralization across many sectors have led to the rise of heavy usage of cryptographic functions.

This has given, Fabwelt the opportunity to present and contribute to this promising industry.

“Everyone is Equal” — We believe in the statement and offer you the opportunity to learn more about us.

To support equality, we announce our BOUNTY CAMPAIGN.

Help us by registering and participating via the campaign. We show our gratitude in the form of free tokens assigned against every task performed. We believe in you!

Trust in Us, Be with Us! We Promise, We Will Deliver Quality, Surprises, and always Fun via our Ecosystem.

(Please visit our website to learn more about us)

useful links:

Official website: https://www.fabwelt.com/

bounty campaign signup: https://bounty.fabwelt.com/en/

Telegram channel: https://t.me/FabweltToken

FABWELT is Grateful to you all.



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Fabwelt is a a revolutionary concept that brings blockchain technology into the core of high-quality games of all types or genres. https://www.fabwelt.com/