Arsenal: The Official Beta Launch of a 3D FPS on the Blockchain

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Arsenal Ecosystem

Entering Arsenal

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Automated Tournaments

Fabwelt Tournaments

  1. Each player needs to create an account and register to enter the game
  2. A player can participate in tournaments only if they hold 1000 WELT tokens in their metamask wallets
  3. Each player receives 10,000 in-Game tokens (not real WELT tokens) to pay the entry fees for tournaments
  4. Any winnings will result in only in-Game tokens, not real WELT tokens
  5. Automated tournaments occur at regular intervals every day. Users can enter the tournaments 5 minutes before they start. If missed, they need to wait for the upcoming ones
  6. There are minor bugs, please report them if you can. We will work on them for the mainnet launch

The Future is bright!

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