Arsenal Season Pre-Sale: Get Your Pass and Gear Up for the Challenge!

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Recently we are excited to announce the introduction of Seasons for Arsenal and now it's time to reveal the first details!

Arsenal, the popular first-person shooter game, is introducing a new feature that is sure to bring even more excitement and competition to its players. The introduction of Seasons in Arsenal will provide players with the opportunity to earn more in-game currency and unique in-game assets, such as weapons, upgrades, consumables, and characters in the form of NFTs.

The first season of Arsenal: The Beginning is scheduled to begin on April 1st, 2023, and will last for three months. During this time, players will be registered on the season leaderboard based on their in-game performance, including kills, headshots, and winnings. At the end of the season, the top players will receive a bonus in WELT and other exciting extras.

You can find a detailed prize pool scheme here.

Pre-sale starts March 6th

To participate in the first season of Arsenal, players must have a Season Pass, which is in the form of an NFT. This pass can be purchased on the Fabwelt marketplace, and all scores will be counted towards the season leaderboard as long as the player’s wallet is connected to the game.

The Season Pass pre-sale is set to begin on March 6th, 2023, and will be available in three phases. During the pre-sale, players will have the opportunity to purchase their Season Pass at a lower price. However, the number of passes available will be limited, so players will need to act fast to secure their spots.

The pre-sale schedule is as follows:

March 6th — $30* per pass — Number of passes available = 15

March 10th — $40* per pass — Number of passes available = 25

March 20th — $45* per pass — Number of passes available = NA

*USD worth in WELT Polygon

Players who purchase their Season Pass during the pre-sale will also be eligible for extra bonuses, such as WELT, weapon and consumable NFTs, and a Season Pass for the next season.

In conclusion, the introduction of Seasons in Arsenal is an exciting new feature that will provide players with even more incentives to play and compete. By purchasing a Season Pass during the pre-sale, players can secure their spot in the first season and gear up for the challenge ahead. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to earn valuable in-game rewards and compete with the best players in Arsenal!

About Arsenal

Play now: Arsenal Website and Download

Arsenal is a 3D First Person Shooter multiplayer game for the Fabwelt Gaming Ecosystem and Metaverse. It utilizes in-game NFTs as assets, collectibles, and utilities. In-game assets are all blockchain collectibles that users utilize in playing the game. As blockchain-based items, in-game assets can be freely withdrawn from the game for other uses such as collateral on decentralized lending protocol, staking, gifting, or passing it down as an inheritance. In-game assets can be seen as a commodity.

It has a “battleground” look and feels and it’s fully integrated with blockchain technology. Pay to Play and Play to Earn are integrated in such a way, that it attracts everyday players as well as professional players around the world, to get incentives and fun. Many different types of maps are included like big maps for sniping, and small maps for fast close combat.

Learn more about Arsenal in our tutorial on gitbook:

About Fabwelt

Fabwelt is a new and exciting idea that brings blockchain technology to high-quality games. This means players can use digital assets and collectibles, earn money, and participate in financial deals within the game. There are many types of games available in the Fabwelt ecosystem, including action, adventure, strategy, and fantasy games. The gaming experience is enhanced with in-game NFTs that add to the fun and excitement.

The entire gaming experience is part of a new digital world called the Gamingverse. With features like Universal NFTs, players can keep their assets and progress across different games. There are also multi-tiered tournaments that are powered by players, adding even more excitement to the gaming experience.

In simple terms, Fabwelt is a unique concept that combines blockchain technology and high-quality games to create a fun and interactive digital world for players. With the ability to earn money, collect digital assets, and participate in exciting tournaments, Fabwelt is taking the gaming experience to the next level.

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